Highlead GC0618-1SC 
Stitch Length: 0 to 10mm
Needle Bar Stroke: 35mm
Presser Foot: Walking presser foot
Presser Foot Lift: 8mm by hand - 14mm by knee
Thread Take-up: Sliding lever take-up
Thread Take-up Stroke: 71.5mm
Needle: 135x17 #16 - #24 (135x16 for leather)
Feed Dog: Single row
Hook: Double capacity
Bobbin: M class
Safety Clutch Device
Maximum Sewing Speed: 2000 RPM
Lubrication: Manual

*Speed depends on thread, material and operation.

Features and Applications 

The GC0618-1-SC model is an improved product based on the original Highlead GC0618 and is specially designed for use on medium/heavy weight fabrics and leather.

With its powerful feeding system, wider presser foot stroke, higher foot lift and longer stitch length, this sturdy industrial sewing machine can deal with many different types of material and thick sewing threads.

It features a large hook & base for increased lower bobbin thread capacity and Compound feeding by lower feed dog, needle bar and walking presser foot.

The latest version replaces the GC0618 and features improved quality and a safety clutch assembly which is fitted to help reduce hook damage should the machine become jammed etc.

The Highlead GC0618-1-SC: is a general purpose needle feed, walking foot sewing machine for use on: bags, luggage, sofa cushions, horse blankets, canvas, covers, plastic and rubber materials, general upholstery and leather work, etc.
Ships with a heavy duty knocked down stand and a 1/2 HP, 1725 RPM Motor in 3 - 4 boxes.
Shipping is $125 in the Continental USA only. Shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada are additional.
Please call for a quote. 
Highlead GC0618-1SC Compound Feed Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine
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3/4hp 550W Servo Motor
An optional 3/4 HP, 550W servo motor is available for $50 additional.  It will replace the 1/2 HP clutch motor.
Highlead Industrial Sewing Machines
Unique design of the needle bar support assures more accurate syncro feeding and can achieve steady and uniform stitches at different sewing speeds.
Highlead GC0618-1SC Walking Foot / Compound Feeding System
Highlead GC0618-1SC Needle Bar Support
Powerful syncro feeding makes difficult heavy duty sewing an easy job.  The presser bar can fit for different syncro presser foot to special purchase. (Sold seperately)
$50 of FREE presser
feet with purchase. 
Your choice of welt 
feet , zipper feet or a
combination of both.
Please specify when
placing your order.
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Highlead GC0618-1SC Compound Feed Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine.

Standard Table / Stand with motor
Table tops are no longer white.  They are light gray.
Highlead GC0618-1SC motor options

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