Tacsew 950
Tacsew 950 : Made by Bernina
Speed, Max (S.P.M.) : 2000* 
Clearance Under Foot : 7.5mm
Needle Bar Stroke : (30.7mm) 
Stitch Length, Max. : (5mm)
Stitch Width, Max. : 4.5mm
Needle : 16 x 257
Hook :  Rotary
Bed Size :  373 x 178mm  
Workspace : 210 x 104mm

*Speed depends on thread, material and operation.

• This machine was engineered specifically for high-volume, semi-commercial sewing. Its outstanding combination of simplicity, high speed and exceptional BERNINA stitch quality make the Tacsew 950 Industrial a perfect match for the cottage industry. In addition, compared to other home sewing machines, the 950 also offers the solid construction and durability you need to create project after project, year after year.From piecing, appliqué work and costume construction to freehand embroidery, garment construction and freehand quilting, this versatile machine will see you through. Fast.


Semi Comercial Features

2000 Stitches per Minute 
With more than double the speed of the typical household machine, the 950 increases production and profitability while decreasing the time it takes to complete a project.

Large Fabric Passage Space
The 950 has a large fabric passage space between the needle and the right side of the machine. This allows quilters all the room they need to manage the layers of the quilt as they stitch.

High Quality Rotary Hook
BERNINA’s high quality rotary hook delivers the finest stitch quality even at top speed and does not require an oil pan.

Stitch Versatility

5 Needle Positions
You can place any stitch in five different positions without moving the fabric.

20 Decorative & Practical Stitches
With the flick of a lever, you can select any of the machine’s wide range of built-in utility and decorative stitches.

5 Step Buttonhole
Get perfect buttonholes on any fabric. Our 5-step semiautomatic buttonhole delivers even, adjustable density on both forward and reverse beads.

Feed Dog Drop
This easy-to-access switch lets you drop the feed dogs for any freemotion work such as quilting or

Stitch Pattern Indicator
By indicating the beginning, middle and end of a pattern, the stitch pattern indicator ensures that you
always know exactly where you are.

High Quality, Solid Construction

Rigidly-Guided Needle Bar
Generally found only on the highest quality industrial machines, the guided needle bar ensures the truest straight and zigzag stitches possible. Locked in place, the bar keeps stitches on perfect course,
regardless of fabric thickness.

Hands-Free Presser Foot Lifter
With more than double the speed of the typical household machine, the 950 increases production and profitability while decreasing the time it takes to complete a project.

One-piece Metal Presser Feet
Seven presser feet included; most of BERNINA’s extensive foot collection can be used with the 950. Not only does this enhance the 950’s functionality, it makes any sewing project faster and easier.

Technical Specifications

High Speed
At 2000 stitches per minute, the 950 is twice as fast
as home sewing machines; you can produce more in
a shorter time.
Heavy Duty Commercial Clutch Motor
Has the penetration power needed for sewing
multiple layers without stalling.
Rigidly Guided Needle Bar
Precision stitching resulting in perfectly straight
Stitch Package of 20 Stitches
Has a combination of utility and decorative stitches
that makes it right for any sewing situation.
Five Needle Positions
Position the stitching where you want it without
moving the fabric.
Built-in Darning Device
Position the stitching where you want it without
moving the fabric.
Convenient Feed Dog Drop
Easy to change from regular sewing to freemotion
stitching without the use of any additional accessories.
Double Rotation Rotary Hook
The foundation for longevity and trouble-free
operation, this helps prevent needle breakage, hook
damage, and skipped stitches.
Industrial Needle System 16 x 257 (round shank needle)
Has no flat area to weaken the needle resulting in
reduced needle breakage and deflection.
Presser Foot Lifter
You’re can always keep your hands on the fabric for
control in guiding and maneuvering it. Lift to position
one for placing or repositioning fabric under the
needle. Position two holds the foot in the “up” position; press it again to lower.
Conveniently Located Bobbin Case
Bobbin case fits into back of machine for ease of
insertion which reduces wrist strain.
Conveniently Located Tension Dial
Easy access, no need to add separate accessories
such as thread lubricator and pretensions for        unusual threads. Sews all types of threads, thickness
and types of fabrics with ease.
Bobbin Winder
Saves time because bobbins can be wound while
Accessory Presser Feet
Compatible with feet and accessories from Model
1630 and below, including the Walking Foot (note:
walking foot cannot exceed 1000 stitches per
minute). Lets you stitch any desired application
with the right tools. Provided presser feet include
all-purpose foot, zipper foot, blind hem foot, darning
foot, embroidery foot, and buttonhole foot.
1 year parts and labor excluding the hook assembly and the bobbin case.
Tacsew / Bernina 950 Sewing Machine
Industrial Sewing Machine Table and Motor
Ships with a knocked down stand and a 1/2HP, 1750 RPM clutch motor in 4 boxes.
A table SETUP DVD is included.

3/4 hp 550W Servo Motor
An optional 3/4HP, 550W servo motor is available.  It will replace the 1/2HP, 400W clutch motor.
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Tacsew 950 / Bernina 950
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