Tacsew TLU-563

Tacsew TLU-563 
Speed, Max (S.P.M.) : 2500* 
Clearance Under Foot : (16mm) 
Needle Bar Stroke : (33.36mm) 
Stitch Length, Max. : (7mm)
Needle : 135 x 17 and 135 x 16 for leather 
Bobbin - Metal : 16408
Hook :  Large Vertical Axis Rotary
Work Space : 10 5/16" (260mm) 
Bed Size : 7" x 18-7/8" (178 x 475mm) 
Stitch Type : 301 

*Speed depends on thread, material and operation.


1) The TLU-563 provides further enhanced durability, and comes with a walking foot mechanism with improved feed efficiency that is 20% higher than the conventional one. In addition, the walking foot is provided with a center rest, thereby achieving a higher degree of accuracy, especially in the piping process.

2) The machine is best-suited for the sewing of medium- to extra heavy- weight materials such as tents, awnings, seats, sofas, leather coats, gloves, auto seats ceilings, car interior articles, etc.


1) Positive feed mechanism
As the walking foot and needle feed motions are transmitted to the feed dog motion, three feed motions are unison perfectly. When several piles of cloth are sewn together, the upper and lower sewing cloth do not slip and therefore no puckering are formed. Walking foot stroke can be easily adjusted by loosening a butterfly screw on the back side of the machine.

2) The improved feed of the walking foot has 20% greater efficiency than that of conventional machines. The feed mechanism and other mechanisms have been improved. As a result, the durability has been increased and the feed efficiency of the walking foot is 20% greater than that of the conventional model. In addition, the walking foot is now provided with a center rest, which upgrades the accuracy in the piping process in particular.

3) Maximum stitch length 7 mm(9/32")
The TLU-563 can make a maximum stitch length of up to 7mm(9/32") for heavy duty work and the stitch length can be readily regulated by pressing a push button on the machine bed and turning the hand wheel. The stitch length, once set, never changes during the sewing operation.

4) Smooth and quiet running
Ball bearings are used for rear bushings of main shaft and hook shaft and a timing belt is used to connect these two shafts. This minimizes the running sound and vibration of the machine during the sewing operation.

5) Large bobbin to assure high efficiency of reverse sewing. 
For straight lock stitching, the TLU-563 is equipped with not only a reverse sewing mechanism, but also with a large bobbin. Large bobbin improves ease of operation. The TLU-563 model incorporates a vertical-axis 2.3-capacity hook which reduces frequency of bobbin replacement. As a result, easier operation is ensured. 
Ships with a knocked down stand and a 1/2 hp 1750 rpm clutch motor in 4 boxes.
A complete SETUP DVD is included.

Tacsew TLU-563 Walking Foot Sewing Machine
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3/4hp 550W Servo Motor
An optional 3/4HP, 550W servo motor is available.  It will replace the 1/2HP clutch motor.
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Tacsew TLU-563 Walking Foot Sewing Machine with table and motor. Similar to the Juki LU-563, LU-1508NS and the Highlead GC20618-1


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