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Serving Chicago and the nations Industrial Sewing Machine needs since 1935                                 1511 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago

A Division Of Goldblatt Sewing Machines, Inc.
Tacsew Sewing Machines TLU-563
Tacsew Industrial Sewing Machines
Tacsew TLU-563 Compund feed walking foot machine
Tacsew 199R Industrial Zig Zag Machine
Tacsew T146RB Industrial Zig Zag Walking Foot Machine
Tacsew T1718-4 Industrial Blindstitch
Tacsew T718-SS-2 Industrial Blindstitch
Tacsew BLST-2 Industrial Portable Blindstitch
Tacsew T500 Industrial Portable Blindstitch
Tacsew DDL8500-T Single needle lockstitch
Tacsew T20U73-1 Zig zag and straight stitch sewing machine
Tacsew T111-155 Compund Feed Walking Foot Sewing Machine
Tacsew T1718-4 Industrial Blindstitch
Tacsew GC6-6 Walking Foot Sewing Machine
Juki Industrial Sewing Machines
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Tacsew Industrial Sewing Machines at including the T111-155, T718SS-2, T500 and the Tacsew / Bernina 950.


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